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Big fund raising event this year (2016) - Idaho Gives!

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Knock 'em Dead Productions is part of a big fund raising event this year - Idaho Gives! As most of you know - Knock 'em Dead lost its theatre facility two years ago when our space became part of the Sage International School system. We have performed three shows at various locations in Boise, but find this style of travelling theater very difficult for our audiences as well as ourselves. All that we own (sets, props, costumes) are in a tightly packed storage unit - which makes access to our costumes and sets nearly impossible. We are looking for an opportunity for a more permanent location that will provide our audience a familiar and stable place to go for their KED theater experience.

It has become very obvious we need money for a down payment to move out of storage and have our own space once again. Please consider sharing this link with your friends and donating some $$$ yourself. After 30 years of doing approximately 160 shows - we really want to get back to creating some amazing theatre for Idaho audiences.

Your donation to Knock ‘em Dead in this Idaho Cares event on (or before) May 5, 2016 will help us greatly!

To make a donation, please go Knock 'em Dead's Donation Page on IDaho Gives or go to IDaho Gives web site for more information.


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