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Big fund raising event this year May 3, 2018 - Idaho Gives!

Idaho Gives

Knock 'em Dead is once again taking part in Idaho Gives, a chance for the community to support local non-profits. Knock 'em Dead is in the process of working with developers to convert the old Plaza Twin Theaters into an amazing dinner theater space that will allow almost any production to be staged! Please consider donating to KED which has been around for 34 years doing some of the Treasure Valleys most amazing musicals. We are hoping to be doing fundraising over the summer - so donations will be used for everything from remodeling to new (comfy) chairs!! Please join us in celebrating Idaho Gives!!!.



Move date changed again, watch for an announcement

idaho gives
Move Changed, Date To Be Announced

Update February 1, 2018

Larry Leasure, Colliers and our new landlord have been working diligently to hammer out the details of Knock 'em Dead taking over the Plaza Twin Theaters in the back of the Hillcrest Shopping Center on Overland. However, there are still pieces to be worked out so that Knock 'em Dead will have a long-term lease for this amazing space. So, we are going to have to cancel our move for the present. So many of you offered your support and told us you would be there. Please forgive us and watch for our notice in a couple weeks. As soon as we get papers signed we will plan on the short move to the new space.

The theater is going to be amazing--a stage that is about 48 feet wide and 26 feet deep. Also, a height above the stage of around 16 feet which should easily allow for multi-level sets. We are also hoping for a tiered audience seating at tables and more comfortable chairs with food and drinks served while watching the show. All in climate-controlled comfort and free and convenient parking available. Keep your fingers crossed our dream is moving forward!



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