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The KED Angels

As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, angels are “investors in a theatrical venture who aid or support with money.” When the unthinkable happened, these angels donated their season tickets back to KED, and these funds will be used to produce the Fall 2014 show.

Ruth Allison, Nancy & David Birch, Dick & Betty Black, Christine Bolwell, Connie & Jerry Bunch, Jackie Dahl, Elaine Dohner, Sheryl Douglass, Carol & Thomas Edgar, Leslie & Russ Felton-Jue, Anita Flora, Elton & Kathy Hall, Bea Harris, Jan Horning, Nancy Jindrich, Janice Johansen, Susan Lawrence & Bill Bowes, Serene & Randy Matthews, Tom & Michelle McClimans, Teresa McGill, Stephen & Jo McIntyre, John Moss, Ken & Beth Nash, Tessa & Gwen Partridge, Nan Pelletier, Shirley Peterson, Susannah Price, Christine Savary, Jolene & Patrick Schow, Judy Secrist, Nancy Smith, Kathleen & Al Snyder, Dan Starman, Linda Stewart, Nancy Upchurch & Mike Faircloth, Karl & Lu Wheeler, Jan Young.

2015 Season Contributors

Mathew Hooton
David Eichmann



Supporting Role
Nancy & David Birch

Kerry Cooke


Membership $10 to $25

Cameo $26 to $149
Includes Membership and recognition as a contributor on our website

Supporting Role $150 to $499
Membership, recognition as a contributor, plus 1 KED ticket to a show in 2015

Leads $500 to $749
Membership, recognition as a contributor, plus 2 KED tickets to a show in 2015

Stars $750+
Membership, recognition as a contributor, 2 tickets to a show in 2015, plus preferred seating

Benefits of being a Member: Membership card, receive emailed newsletters, vote on Board members, attend membership meetings, as well as recognition as a member on the KED website and FaceBook (at your discretion).

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